illustration/Comic/GameDev/Live2D/DesignMail: [email protected]
Discord: funamusea#1180

L2D Commission status

Commissions will resume in the Spring 2023

I am always available to discuss commissions.
If there is any kind of art or design project you’d like me to work on, please feel free to consult me via email!

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Deep-sea Prisoner

❖ Pronouns: She/her ❖
❖ Location: Kanagawa - Japan 🇯🇵 ❖
❖ Tools: After Effects, Live2D, RPG Maker ❖
❖ Mail: [email protected]
❖ Discord: funamusea#1180 ❖

Hello! I’m an artist based in Japan.
I mainly make games with RPG maker, draw illustrations and manga, and make Live2D.
If you have any questions about the commission, feel free to contact me via Twitter or email!
+ + +↓ ♥My favorite♥ ↓
Animals(Dog, Chinchilla, Orca), Cofee, Redbull,
Kenshi, Rimworld, 7days to Die, Stardew Valley, ArkNights,
Vincent Willem van Gogh, Zdzisław Beksińsk, Alfons Mucha,
Tezuka Osamu, Nekojiru, Hirano Kohta, Suada,
Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Puripara,
Nijisanji, Vocaloid
+ + +

🎉 Awarded Live2D Creator Award Program
🎉 Awarded Nijicon 10 User Voting Award
2015: Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (manga)
2016: A 6-paged full color manga for Hobohobo Free Game Magazine Vol. 2
2016: A 6-paged manga for Hobohobo Free Game Magazine Vol. 3
2017: Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea: The Sea of Death (manga)
In the past, I also drew other manga and illustrations under different names.

♥ Special thanks! ♥
English translation @yaoyaoyaoyaoo
Okegom Wiki

♥ Other credit ♥
3D Ghost model created by @wata_ame_ko
Stream BGM(OP, ED, halloween BGM) by @LUMELUME77777
Stream BGM(Drawing BGM) by @damahysk

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